She Became The Oldest Mother In The World To Give Birth To Twins – Her Family Calls Her Selfish

Motherhood is associated with a unique and special responsibility for another human being that has been known to us since the dawn of time. Becoming a mother is one of those life-changing things. Sometimes it’s unexpected, sometimes it’s the result of years of patient waiting. Whatever form it takes, the one thing we should agree on is that it is always a blessing.

In most cases, none of us can predict when we will become parents. We can do our best to make it happen if we want, but life has always been and will always be unpredictable. Some women become young mothers, they bring new life into the world while they are still teenagers. Others get pregnant later. Unfortunately, there are also women who struggle with problems that prevent them from getting pregnant.

Of course, there is no single right time to get pregnant. We should celebrate the birth of every child, just as all mothers should be valued for what they and their bodies go through in creating another human being.

But some women, like Maria Carmen del Bousada, who lives in Cadiz, Spain, face scorn just for becoming mothers. Sometimes they are even bullied for their decisions on when and how they had a baby.

Maria revealed that her family was shocked when she told them she was expecting twins in 2006. You ask, “Why?” Well, she was 66 years old then.

According to the information provided, Maria, who is retired (she used to work as a store worker), sold her home to pay for an artificial insemination procedure that would have allowed her to get pregnant regardless of her age. The woman reportedly lied to doctors at a fertility clinic in California, saying she was 55 years old.

Maria was convinced that everyone should be able to choose when to start a family and not be pressured by society or other expectations. As she told The Guardian, “Circumstances often put you between a rock and a hard place, and maybe certain things shouldn’t be done the way they are, but it was the only way to achieve what I’ve always dreamed of.”

Of course, not everyone agreed with Maria on this matter. The main critics were her family members, who described her as selfish. Maria even said that she hid her pregnancy for a while, and her relatives thought she was joking when she decided to tell them about it.

In 2006, Maria gave birth to healthy twins, Christian and Pau, becoming the oldest mother in the world. Unfortunately, she didn’t see them grow up. Just six months after giving birth, the woman was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. “They are still babies, so I can’t tell them anything,” said Maria. “They’re too small for that kind of thing.”

As a result of these events, Maria’s family was forced to take care of the children and help raise Christian and Pau. The woman died in 2009 after spending only a few years with her boys.

Maria’s brother Ricardo commented on the issue: “I think she did it too late… But they are here, and we love these beautiful boys.” Meanwhile, Pilar Pinto, a resident of Cádiz, the city where Maria lived, gave an interview about the current lives of Christian and Pau.

“They’re well looked after, and they’re doing great,” he said. “I often see them here in the city.” As Pinto said, “God forbade her to enjoy children. He should have given her more time. Maria did not regret her decision to have children at such a late age.”

What a beautiful story. I don’t know about you, but I think all women should have the right to decide when they want to have children. What do you think about Maria’s decision to have children at 60? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

By the way, please share this article if you find it interesting. Rest in peace, Maria!

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