See These Amazing Photos Of Babies Who Look Exactly Like Their Toy Dolls

We don’t know if the parents accidentally or intentionally chose the doll that has similarities with their little ones, or because the childhood friends love each other so much that they become more and more similar. But we have to admit, the pair of babies and dolls below look no different from siblings.

In these photos you will not only see the resemblance, but the game of many little ones to look like their favourite doll, which makes us wonder: who looks like whom?

The same little face!

Someone has combed their hair like their doll

They definitely have the same eyelashes and teeth

She was only missing a few small gloves

They are not the same, but they are very similar

Their parents thought they should wear the same clothes

The outfit is almost the same as her doll

Same haircut and same clothes as Boo

Without a doubt, the same family air

Not only her skin color, but the same hair

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