See Adorable Photos Of This ‘Chubby’ Newborn Baby Who Weighed 5 Kilos And 2 Points

Today we have an amazing story!! Let’s bring friends to see a newborn baby with a body weight of 5 kilograms and 2 points. How plump and cute is it? Let’s go follow together.

Recently, a user of Facebook, Panya Panya, posted a picture of their daughter who was born at a hospital in Bangkok, Thailand. The doctor was shocked because the younger’s weight was 5 kg, and her body was plump and had it all.

Most newborn babies normally weigh about 2.5 to 4 kg, but if the birth weight is less than 2.5 kg, this can happen to a full-term or premature baby. To be considered below the standard, if more than 4 kg, is considered to be over the standard weight.

By the way, the poster stated that “Finally, we met… Nong Fes… the first daughter.”

The girl shocked many people and surely anyone who saw her would also admire her mother and give her special affection for her cuteness since birth.

So perfect, I don’t know what her mom ate during her pregnancy, that’s why her baby came out with so much weight, so plump and so cute.

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