Record-Breaking British Family With 22 Children Is Expanding Again

“We can’t wait to meet our child,” the future mom wrote on Instagram.

The biggest family in Great Britain will soon become even richer with the addition of another member. Sue and Noel have given birth to 22 children and have seven grandchildren, with an eighth on the way as Chloe (25), their third daughter, has announced she is carrying her first child.

“Mom and dad. I feel blessed, grateful, and full of love. We can’t wait to meet our child,” she wrote in a post she posted on the social network Instagram.

“We are very excited; 2022 will be a great year,” said the Redford family’s official account, which is otherwise the most numerous in the United Kingdom.

Sue and Noel are both adopted children, their own parents gave up on them for some reason, and they think that this may be the reason why they started such a large family.

“The good thing about living in such a big family is that you always have someone by your side. I think what we like about it is that you always have company. There is always someone by your side, and there is always someone by the children’s side. I don’t think they’ll ever be lonely,” says Sue.

Sue and Noel gave birth to Chris (32), Sophie (27), Chloe (26), Jack (24), Daniel (22), Luke (21), Millie (20), Katie (19), James (18), Ellie (16), Amy (15), Josh (14), Max (12), Tilly (11), Oscar (10), Casper (9), Holly (6), Phoebe (5), Archie (4), Bonnie (3), and Heidi (1).

The members of this family are stars of the television program “22 Children.” At the same time, having a large family is a big responsibility and a lot of work. Noel works 80 hours a week in a bakery, and Sue helps him, even though there is hardly a time when she is not pregnant. In the Radford family, even everyday things like the morning routine or a family dinner are a challenge, since in such a large household there is always someone who doesn’t want to get up or can’t find their shoes, and there are many hungry mouths to feed.

Sue and Noel, the parents, already have seven grandchildren, and their daughter Chloe’s child will be the eighth. By the way, the two of them said after the birth of their youngest child that they did not plan to have more children.

Mum Sue said they spent more than £1 million raising their children, and she was pregnant for more than 16 years in total. “We definitely won’t have any more children,” Sue once said.

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