Raw Birth Photos That Capture The Beauty And Power Of Delivery

The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers has published this year’s best images from all types, forms, and angles of birth. They are breathtaking, strong and do not lack emotional charge. This is enhanced by a new category called “Hardships and Losses,” which, according to the organizers, brought “a new level of strength and power that they have not seen before.”

“In addition to the main categories, which are again the details of childbirth and the postpartum period, we have introduced another new category, “Hardships and Losses.” At the same time, we added three more subcategories: black and white, documentary, and fine art. We are excited that we can appreciate so many new titles in this year’s competition, because experience has taught us that there were always more participants who deserved recognition than the awarded titles,” said the association’s representatives.

The association has been organizing the competition every year since 2012, this year recording a record number of submitted films and the largest number of published works.

As the organizers and the photographers themselves point out, birth photos is beautiful, powerful, but also vulnerable and real.

  1. Overall Winner

Best in “A Touch Of Love”

  1. Best In Labor

“Accepting A New Plan”

  1. Honourable Mention


  1. Honourable Mention

“The Reach”

  1. Honourable Mention


  1. Best In Labor: Black & White

“Ovarian Cancer Survivor – Hospital Transfer”

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