Premature Twins Hold Hands As Dad Hugs Them

The bond the twins have with each other is inexplicable. 9 months are inextricably side by side, sharing the magical space under mommy’s belly and developing together. A special relationship is born in the womb and continues even after birth – still strong, deep, shocking, and sometimes immeasurable with reality. They stay that way forever.

Twins are extraordinary, twins are a blessing, they are a gift, they are magic.

Anthea Jackson Rashford from Australia gave birth prematurely, at 29 weeks gestation, to her twins. It is really too early, and the risks to the health of the twins are great. But it turns out they’re doing great. And one more thing – while dad is hugging them, the little brother holds his little sister’s hand – so touching, so moving – all of this is captured in a fascinating video.

The video of these premature twins holding hands is touching. In the video, Glen, the father of twins, holds them while they are both lying on his chest, and it is at that moment that they look for each other.

The mother has been uploading photographs of the twins holding hands since the video went viral. Christian and Christiana have become a real sensation on the Internet. The mother said, “He’s actually holding his sister’s hand as if to say, ‘I’m here for you.’ It’s just amazing!”

Now, through the same Facebook account, the couple from Victoria, Australia, has continued to share with their friends and family the development of their children, who look stronger and healthier. Of course, all the comments they have received are very positive, and each one of them highlights the power of the connection that Kristian and Kristiana surely feel between them.

“To all parents that face this, be comforted in knowing that today anything is possible and your babies will be just fine,” wrote the mom on Facebook.

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