Pregnant Woman Felt That Something Was Different – Now She Proudly Shows Off The Photos

When the Fairbanks couple found out they were expecting a child, they were very happy. With two children from before, the wish to become a family of five was to be fulfilled.

It is always both exciting and a little scary to decide on a family addition. With two children already, you don’t know for sure what everyday life will be like with a baby. Many people feel a certain relief when it is confirmed on ultrasound that there is one healthy little heart beating. Least of all, one can imagine everyday life with three babies!

The pregnant Ms. Fairbanks quickly noticed that something was different about the last pregnancy. She does not describe it as an uneasy or negative feeling, but something different.

When she went to the doctor at 10 weeks pregnant, the doctor suggested that they do an ultrasound, just to be safe. And soon after, the expectant mother could rejoice at the news: there were two hearts beating inside the stomach!

The couple came to terms with the idea that they would soon be parents to not just three, but four children. It would certainly be busy days. But they were eventually happy with the news.

However, as the belly grew and the weeks went by, the mother understood that there was probably another surprise waiting. And sure enough, the couple were expecting triplets!

The three youngest members of the family are triplets and were born in August 2019. The birth went well, and the two older children were able to enjoy two new little brothers and a little sister.

Crystal very often publishes photos of them, and many times through her posts, she refers to the experience of her pregnancy and describes the true side of motherhood as she experiences it.

This is how it can go when you plan to go from two to three children. Suddenly, the Fairbanks were a family of seven! Looking back, she considers all the healthy children a gift and is grateful for their little family.

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