Pictures Of Postpartum Child Bump Footage The Fact Of Being Pregnant

Considering the amazing transformation a woman’s body goes through during pregnancy, it should come as no surprise to anyone that her body remains different even after the baby is born. What does surprise some people is how different their bodies are and for how long.

Julie Bhosale, mom of two and writer at The New Mum’s Nutritionist, shared these honest photos of herself, taken fourteen weeks following the birth of her second son. Her hope is to encourage women to focus on how they feel, despite society’s obsession with how they look.

It’s also important for new mothers to remain calm and patient at this time. It’s quite common to feel unhappy and uncomfortable about one’s physical image. Looking at these photos, on the other hand, could offer you a whole different viewpoint. Perhaps you’ll fall in love with the remarkable transformations your body undergoes throughout pregnancy.

Before And After 36-Week Pregnancy And 24 Hours Post-Childbirth

This is Bhosale at thirty-seven weeks pregnant and twenty-four hours after birth. Please note that you can hardly tell a difference, except for the fact that the baby himself is a lot more visible in the second pic.

Only Two Days After Her Child’s Birth

Two days after giving birth, Julie Bhosale’s belly is still quite big, as if there is another baby in her belly.

One Week Later

A week after giving birth, her belly has begun to shrink.

After Two Weeks

Two weeks after giving birth, the abdomen begins to shrink and red stretch marks appear.

Ten Weeks Later

Scars were more visible at 10 weeks postpartum.

Fourteen Weeks Later

14 weeks after giving birth, Julie Bhosale’s belly has shrunk but has a lot of wrinkles and stretch marks.

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