Picture Of 7-Year-Old Girl Shielding Her Younger Brother Under Rubble After Earthquake Goes Viral

A picture of a seven-year-old girl shielding her younger brother under the quake rubble has gone viral on the internet. They were stuck under the rubble of a collapsed building for hours. However, the rescue team later rescued them.

The footage of Monday’s massive earthquake that struck Syria and Turkey has left the world in sʜᴏᴄᴋ. Images of the earthquake’s devastation have been surfacing on all social media platforms, showing one of the most horrific events that have so far claimed the lives of 7726 people and injured over 37000. Among other pictures that are being shared on social media, a photo of a little Syrian girl protecting her younger brother under debris in Syria has gone viral on the internet.

The picture was first shared by the United Nations representative on Twitter, and now it has amassed more than 200,000 likes, retweets, and comments. Posting the heart-melting picture of the kids trapped beneath the debris, UN representative Mohamad Safa said the children were rescued after 17 hours and are now safe. He also urged the users to share the picture. “The 7-year-old girl who kept her hand on her little brother’s head to protect him while they were under the rubble for 17 hours has made it safely. I see no one sharing. If she were ᴅᴇᴀᴅ, everyone would share! “Share positivity,” he tweeted.

The picture left users emotional, and many praised the little girl for showing courage and compassion during such a dangerous condition. In the comment section, one user wrote, “Miracles happen.” What a great big sister! lovingly protective under such stressful circumstances. There is hope for all those still trapped. “Respect for all the rescuers working tirelessly.” While a second person’s comment read, “Oh, bless her—children’s love and resilience make me weep.” A third user commented, “OW!” “She’s a little hero!”

Syria-Turkey Earthquake

Thousands of buildings collapsed after a 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Syria and Turkey, toppling thousands of structures, including residential blocks and destroying hospitals. Rescue and search operations are underway in the ravaged countries, but the freezing weather is affecting the search process as hundreds of rescue officials continue to carry out their operations through the ruins of buildings, hoping to find the survivors.

The magnitude of the quake was such that it is now being viewed as one of the ᴅᴇᴀᴅʟɪᴇsᴛ earthquakes that Turkey and Syria have faced in the past 20 years. Meanwhile, world communities have also stepped forward to help the quake-hit countries, and humanitarian aid is being provided to the people.

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