Photographer Captures Mothers With Their Newborn Babies After Water Birth

Monet Nicole’s photos prove that giving birth, however it happens, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience – Great water birth shots.

Water birth is a popular birth option abroad. In order for a woman to give birth in water, there are specific conditions, such as the existence of a specially designed swimming pool at home or in specially designed areas, while a specific procedure is followed for the safety of the mother and the baby. Another condition is that the pregnancy is not considered high-risk and that you have the approval of a gynecologist.

The benefits of a water birth are many. The suppository can move more easily in the water, and the warm water of the pool relieves the pain. As far as the baby is concerned, the aquatic environment of the water is quite similar to that of the womb, making the baby’s transition to the outside world smoother.

Monet Nicole is a professional maternity photographer. She has attended over 700 women’s births, and with her camera, she captures the special moments before and after the birth of the baby.

“I capture power, raw beauty, and authentic love,” Monet writes on her personal blog.

The photographer reports that her own births changed her completely, and nothing can compare to the moment she saw her babies for the first time.

Many of the births captured by Monet are water births. The photographer has attended specially designed rooms and homes and captured mothers who give birth in water and entire families who are present at this special moment.

Monet posts many of her photos on Instagram. To date, she has more than 150 thousand followers, and her photos receive thousands of likes.

See Monet’s photos in the gallery below.

Newborn baby, shortly after birth

Couple then reverse for the birth of their baby

The moment a baby is born

Mom holds her baby in her arms for the first time

All emotions in one photo

Mom and baby together in the pool. A very atmospheric photo

Dad holds his newborn baby in his arms

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