People Ask Me To Stop Posting Photos Of My Little Son Online Whenever I Do So.

Nowadays, the majority of people utilize social media as their primary mode of communication. It is traditional to send pictures of your children to family and friends for their enjoyment.

She publishes on social media like other young mothers, but the comments on her photographs and the way her child is treated are fundamentally different. But, she has some comments to say…

Natasha, a young mother, is adjusting to motherhood. She likes uploading online photographs of her one-year-old son Raedyn, as do many other new mothers. Yet, unlike most moms, she faces severe cyberbullying due to the appearance of her kid.

“What’s wrong with your child? Why does your child look like that?”

Raedyn was born with an unexpected and incredibly rare genetic disorder called P̲f̲e̲i̲f̲f̲e̲r̲ ̲s̲y̲n̲d̲r̲o̲m̲e̲,̲ ̲which causes a̲n̲o̲m̲a̲l̲i̲e̲s̲ ̲i̲n̲ ̲t̲h̲e̲ ̲s̲k̲u̲l̲l̲,̲ ̲f̲a̲c̲e̲ and ̲l̲i̲m̲b̲s̲.̲

However, that didn’t stop Natasha from sharing her precious son on social media.


Unfortunately, these posts immediately attracted cruel comments from people from around the world.

“What quality of life will he have?” someone rudely asked on TikTok, while another person added: “Why would you make him live like that? Such a miserable life that you’re permitting him to live”.

In addition to these unkind remarks online, Natasha cops mean comments from people every time she takes Raedyn out in public.

“People just come up to me and rudely say: ‘what’s wrong with your child? Or why does your child look like that?’ …that’s not how you talk to a human being,” she revealed.

She especially criticised people who rudely approach her son in public, adding that she doesn’t understand why they think it is appropriate to accost her about Raedyn’s condition while she’s innocently running errands.

“What people need to understand is that I am just a mum and my son is just a baby… our life doesn’t revolve around his diagnosis,” she rightly stated.

“My son looks a little bit different but that doesn’t mean he is just a lesson to give the world. It’s exhausting mentally and emotionally to go over the same diagnosis and explain my son’s health problems over and over to people.

“We are just a normal family. I pray for the world to accept disabled people one day and not judge off of their appearance and the things they cannot do.”

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