Parents Of Quintuplets Pose For A Sweet Christmas Photo With Their Children

Marvel at the cute Christmas photo of the quintuplets and see how they look 8 months after birth.

Remember the quintuplets? It’s been 8 months since they were born, and now the little ones are getting ready for their first Christmas. To celebrate the special date, this beautiful image was made.

Little Arthur, Lais, Gabriela, Giulia, and Melissa live in Santos, on the coast of São Paulo, with their dads, Karina Barreira, 35, and João Biagi Júnior, 36. The babies are full of health, and the dads told the G1 portal in an interview that all of their time is dedicated to their children. Dad João even had to leave his job to dedicate himself to his children, and mom Karina is away from her job.

To take care of their children, parents maintain a very organized routine. The little ones consume more than 40 bottles of milk a day, in addition to many diapers, wet wipes, and other items.

Mom Karina’s work colleagues organized a donation point for the quintuplets. Anyone who wants to help with any item related to babies can donate at Rua Itororó, 78, in the center of Santos. Donations are accepted Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. It is also possible to deposit a sum of money for the family at Banco Caixa Econômica Federal, Agency 1613, Savings Account 67612-5, in the name of Karina Barbara Barreira.

Karina and João had been trying to get pregnant for five years until she became pregnant naturally with multiples, something extremely rare. Karina’s delivery had to be a cesarean section and occurred when she was 7 months pregnant. About 11 doctors participated in the birth of the quintuplets.

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