One Is White, The Other Is Tan, Which Is A Rare Case Of Twins With Different Skin Colors

These pretty twins from Quincy, Illinois, won the hearts of Internet users and, at the same time, proved that not all twins are the same.

According to the BBC, in interracial couples, children with different skin colors are born in one out of every 500 cases. The girls are now nine months old. Kalani Dean is similar in skin color to Whitney’s mother, who is white American, while Jarari has inherited the skin color of Thomas’ African American father.

Whitney posted a photo of her daughters on Facebook with the caption: “We are genetic twins. Kalani (left) is blonde with blue eyes, while Janari (right) is dark with brown eyes. It’s rare, but it’s wonderful to share it!”

Facebook users couldn’t help but agree with the happy mother of these unique twins.

It’s hard to believe that these girls are twins, because they have different skin colors.

Let’s see what tricks they will do when they grow up!

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