Newborn Twins Have Their First Conversation An Hour After Being Born

After 9 months spent in their mother’s ᴡᴏᴍʙ, these twins find themselves in a nursery for the first time. An adorable video of a very moving moment!

There is always a magical moment in a birth: seeing these little beings get used to their new environment. The fun is doubled when it comes to twins. Only one hour after giving birth, the two babies discover each other for the first time after spending 9 months together in their mother’s dark ᴡᴏᴍʙ. Wise parents film this adorable scene. What a lovely, heartfelt moment! They’ll be able to look back on it and cherish it when their girls get older.

The newborn girls that we see in this video are so cute while they show their connection. You can see them looking into each other’s eyes and almost reading each other’s minds. They’re wearing their newborn caps and I could almost imagine the actual conversation between these newborn twins. “Dana?” “Yeah, Dawn?” “It’s much bigger out here than in mommy’s belly.” “Yup.” “Man, they swaddled us well. I can’t move my arms…” “Yup. Me neither.” “Let’s nap.” “Cool.”

The cute twin girls and their relationship have gotten over five million views online, with many people sharing and commenting on the video. Some people were even making up hilarious conversations that the girls could have been having. “What just happened?” one YouTube user writes. “I don’t know, but it suddenly got really bright!”

The two little ones do not seem at all bothered by the presence of anyone else. They are in a moment of bliss, reassuring to be reunited again. They look at each other, titter, yawn. They started this life together!

WATCH: Newborn One Hour Old Twin Girls Have Their First “Conversation”

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