Newborn Twin Boys Do Not Stop Crying Until They Touch Each Other

Twins have a special bond that most people ᴄᴀɴɴᴏᴛ comprehend. But is this bond already present at birth? This story suggests that the answer is yes. Two newborn twin boys who were separated after birth did not stop crying until they were reunited.

Shortly after their birth on February 28, Weston and Caleb Lyman of Orlando, Florida were filmed on camera by their dad, Dane, who is a medical student at the University of Florida. “We are very grateful this Easter Sunday. Five weeks ago, the twin boys, Weston and Caleb, joined our family. After the birth, I took this sweet video of them consoling each other,” Dane said.

In this sweet, moving video, the boys appear to cry hysterically when the medical staff tries to separate them. However, when the babies came into contact with the skin again, they immediately stopped crying.

“My wife, Lisa, could not see them and did not even know what happened. When I showed it to her, she was very moved. We’re both still excited when we see it,” Dane said about their babies’ unique relationship, which is now two months old.

Dane and Lisa have two other girls, Corrine and Amelia. Although the boys were born four weeks premature, they were healthy and their mother had a normal birth. “Their sisters have gone crazy! Lisa and I are crazy too! I love my family,” said Dane.

The father also states that he hopes that the close bond that their boys have will help them as parents and as individuals. “One of the biggest hopes, when we learned that we were expecting twins, was that as they grew up, they would be good friends and support each other. Seeing them being comfortable with each other just minutes after they were born shows us how first step in this special relationship was taken,” Lisa said.

“We hope that this image will illuminate the lives of other people because ours certainly illuminate it!”

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