New Mother’s Hilarious Selfie When Her Husband Fainted In The Delivery Room Goes Viral

The most wonderful moment a woman experiences in life, besides being married to the love of her life, is giving birth to an amazing baby who will grow up to be an amazing person. Although this may be the perfect moment in a married woman’s life, some fathers may not be able to withstand the temporary trauma of childbirth.

The image of the new father passing out on the floor from too much emotion while his wife on the cot laughs behind his back has gone viral on social media.

She was fresh and smiling on the hospital bed, and he was lifeless on the ground, surrounded by doctors who helped him hold the baby he had just become a father to in his arms. The self-portrait that is making the rounds on the web was posted on Instagram on January 14 by WorthFeed with the caption, “He was here to encourage his wife at her first childbirth.”

She was exhausted but happy to have completed the feat, and she was overcome with emotion. It was an irresistible opportunity for the new mother, who wickedly stretched out her arm and took a photo with her phone.

Among the comments, there is a little amazement and lots of fun: “I’ve seen so many soldiers land so many in 35 years of service,” writes Paola on Facebook. “Even when my husband passed away 22 years ago, there were few cell phones around, and they didn’t exist with a camera,” echoes Cati. Marinella is ruthless with the new father’s weakness: “Think about whether he had to give birth to him.” In addition to Facebook and Instagram, the shot was shared countless times on Twitter. It happened to me too many years ago, when selfies weren’t taken, writes Percival Gull. Or again, Nina, who comments: “He’s not the first nor the last; it’s strange that the operators in the delivery room haven’t noticed; they’re usually the ones who seat you when you change color.”

Someone, on the other hand, considers it an impolite gesture: “I’m sorry, or rather, I didn’t like the selfie in a moment of incredible “intimacy” from all perspectives, and I find it disrespectful towards the father. Imagine if it was the father who joked about this “moment,” writes Giancarlo.

The case of Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara testifies that the self-timer in the delivery room is anything but a rarity or a novelty; as new parents, they wanted to share the joy of the event with fans, closely followed by countless other celebs such as the “Ferrarges.” The same photo used by Worthfeed was posted a year ago on Reddit, where posts of this type abound in abundance, as well as on Instagram, where there are numerous ad hoc accounts and hashtags, such as #deliveryroomselfie or #deliveryroomphotography.

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