Mother Gives Birth To Baby With Curls And Those Who See It Touch It To See If It’s Real

Rachel Carter of Merseyside had no idea how big her baby’s mane would be before she gave birth.

When Bobby was born, everyone was amazed at how rich his hair was. No one had ever seen a baby with such thick hair before! It was as if he were born elegant with a ready-made hairstyle.

“When he was born, he was like a celebrity, the doctors called people from all the wards around to come and see him. Everyone wanted to hold him and stroke his hair,” his mother said.

Five months later, little Bobby is called “Little Wolverine.” His mother, Rachel Carter, says she now keeps him in the stroller to avoid the stares of passers-by, who almost always stop to admire Bobby’s count. Many foreigners even think it is a girl.

Before the little one was born, when Rachel and her husband, Gareth Carter, went to the doctor for their routine ultrasound, the medical staff told the couple they were probably expecting a girl. Bobby’s thick hair was already visible on the ultrasound, and he was only 20 weeks along in his pregnancy.

Rachel did not know the gender of her child while she was pregnant. But when she gave birth, she was shocked by the thick hair of her child, who was a boy! The mother also has another son, who is older and has quite thick hair but not like Bobby’s.

It didn’t take long for Rachel to give Bobby his first ponytail. The little one has lost very little hair since birth .

The little boy needs to have his hair washed and cleaned every day for us to keep an eye on him. Bobby is already used to looking at himself in the mirror. He has started playing with his hair every night before falling asleep.

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