Mother Becomes The First Woman In The UK To Give Birth To Triplets From Two Different Wombs

Thirty-two-year-old Melanie Bassett from Great Britain has two wombs. She already had two children at home, born a few years apart, when she found out she was expecting again. The doctor told her that she was expecting triplets. She had identical twins in one womb, and a third baby was developing in the other.

Both she and her husband come from large families. However, they themselves only thought about two offspring in the past. When they were told a few months after the birth of their son that they were expecting more children and how many there were, they were shocked.

The woman had been aware of the two wombs since her first pregnancy. However, she had no idea that it was possible to carry a child in each of them at the same time.

“During previous pregnancies, I had problems, and I gave birth to my daughter by caesarean section at the twenty-ninth week and my son at the thirty-second. Two months later, after the birth of my son, I found out I was pregnant again. In the end, I carried the triplets to the thirty-second week,” said the woman in an interview with the Daily Mail.

During her pregnancy, she had more frequent checkups than usual. The doctors had no experience with such a case, so she had to visit several hospitals. Fortunately, there were no serious complications, and all the babies were fine. Jen spent some time in the incubator after birth.

“Sometimes it was a force. When the babies started kicking all at once from all sides, I used to be very tired, but I had to function somehow for my two children. I was still the mom they needed. And it was even better than the regime after their birth,” she continued.

Without the help of her husband and family, she would have found it difficult to manage five small children on foot. Although the last ones were not planned, she is glad that they finally managed to achieve this triple happiness.

“I’m happy that we made it, and we’re a big family. We have great kids. It’s challenging, but there’s no better luck,” she added.

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