Mother Beats Odds Of 500,000 To One To Give Birth To Third Set Of Twins

16 years ago in Scotland, Karen Rodger gave birth to two fraternal twins. Two years later, with her husband Colin, she was surprised to discover that she was expecting a new pair of fraternal twins.

The two older twins, Lewis and Kyle, welcomed their younger brothers, Finn and Jude, with open arms. As for Karen, she had come to terms with the idea of ​​remaining the only woman in this household.

Years later, however, Karen found out she was pregnant again. But despite doctors’ assurances that she only had a one-in-a-half-million chance of giving birth to twins a third time, her six-week ultrasound proved indisputable: she was expecting twins again!

Karen immediately texted her husband, but he simply replied, “You’re not a funny joke.”

Once they got used to this idea, however, Karen and Colin decided not to be informed of the s.ᴇx of the children to come, which earned them a very pleasant surprise: they were indeed delighted to discover, at birth, the parents of two little girls!

Initially, Karen and Colin were nervous about having a third set of twins, but also because they were going to bring Rowan and Isla to life when they were already in their late forties. But their doubts quickly evaporated.

Rowan and Isla have brought a lot of happiness to their family, and their four older brothers are absolutely crazy about their little sisters.

And when the Rogers are out, they’re bound to be the center of attention. People can’t believe Karen and Colin are the parents of three sets of twins.

The father is amused by the situation: “Their future boyfriends won’t have the slightest chance! “I believe that between the four boys and me, there will be five paternal looks that will watch over the girls, and their boyfriends are going to have a lot of trouble coping with such a challenge!”

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