Mom With 16 Children Is Expecting To Her 17th, All Have Something In Common In The Name

Patty and Carlos of North Carolina welcomed baby Clayton in May 2021 and said they wouldn’t rule out the possibility of having more kids. Patty Hernandez continued the unusual family tradition by naming her newborn child Clayton. She decided to name all her children with the same initial letter in honor of their 38-year-old father, Carlos.

However, she admitted that she and her husband struggled to come up with a new ‘C’ name before the arrival of their last child. “We couldn’t think of a name and suddenly Clayton came to me. All the kids’ names start with C and we wanted to keep that going. My husband’s name is Carlos, it’s a tribute to him,” explains the 39-year-old mother.

As she says, her last pregnancy was the most difficult so far, adding, however, that she does not rule out the possibility of having more children. Carlos was by his wife’s side when she gave birth to Clayton, who weighed around 3,700 grams, on May 5. The mother was 40 weeks pregnant when she gave birth, her longest pregnancy to date, and is still in the hospital.

“All my births were before 38 weeks. He just didn’t want to go out,” she joked. “The rest of the kids can’t wait to meet their little brother,” she added, saying the nurses recognized her immediately when she went into labor. “They told me, ‘You were here last year too, we see you every year.'”

Patty and her husband spend around £650 on food for their children every two weeks, without receiving any financial support from the state, as she pointed out. The two make enough from the cleaning business to pay the bills, but they hope that soon, their oldest son, Carlos Jr, who is 13, will be able to help the family.

The couple, who admit they have never used ᴄᴏɴᴛʀᴀᴄᴇᴘᴛɪᴏɴ, also have three sets of twins – Carla and Caitlyn, 10, Calvin and Catherine, 6, and Caleb and Caroline, three. The remaining children are: Christopher, 11, Cristian, 9, Celeste, 8, Cristina, 7, Carol, 4, Camilla, 2, Charlotte and one-year-old Crystal.

But it seems that Patty and Carlos are not done adding to their large household because they are expecting their 17th child, a baby boy, with the delivery date set for March 2023. The soon-to-be mother shared that she plans to reach the magical number of 20 and have an even number of kids – ten boys and ten girls.

Patty, who owns her own cleaning company, says she feels her huge family is a “blessing” from God. “God blessed us with all these children, I know some people don’t agree and we get ɴᴇɢᴀᴛɪᴠᴇ comments on the internet, but for us it’s a blessing,” she notes. “I never thought I would have a big family until I started having children. Then I thought, ‘that’s cool, why not?’. It’s funny. If God wants us to have another child then we will have another,” she says.

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