Mom, Who Has 15 Children, Gives Birth To Baby Number 16

A mother shared her family life after giving birth to her 16th child.

Lyette Reback gave birth to a handsome baby boy named Vaughn. And the little one arrived in a somewhat unusual family because he is the 16th child of Lyette and her husband David! That’s right, Lyette and David are the parents of 16 children!

Having 16 children was a big surprise for Lyette Reback, especially since she is an only child and has never had much contact with children throughout her life.

She married David when she was 19, and they had their first child a year and a half later. Since the birth of Daly Kay, now 21 years old, the couple has had fifteen more children. Eleven are biological, and four are adopted.

The couple has nine girls and seven boys. The children are named: Daly Kay, Ryli RaVaye, Bliss Berit, Kemper Clara, Glory Grace, Trinity Tate, Jon Courson, Liberty Cross, Judson Worth, Shepherd David, Ransom Witness, Sojourner Hope, Victory Rose, Stone Prosper, Verity Banner, and Vaughn McCrae.

Lyette educates all her children at home, and she spoke about the family’s routine in a statement on social networks. “I am a mother of 16 children! 16 months after the wedding, we had our first child. I never imagined that we would have that many children. Taking care of a house with 16 children is the equivalent of taking care of a small or medium-sized business. We probably serve more meals than small cafes do in a day. “When things get tough, I pray, and I won’t say I haven’t shed a few tears over the years,” Lyette said.

Lyette’s last pregnancy was not easy because she suffered from a hemorrhage. “I found out I was pregnant, and soon after, I started bleeding profusely. I called my gynecologist, and she said I was probably having a miscarriage. This was on a Friday, and she told me to come to the office on Monday. When I arrived at the office, the gynecologist went to do the ultrasound and just said, “Wow!” My son was still there! But I was also bleeding heavily.

His chances were low. I needed to rest, and with fifteen children at home, this is no easy task. After six weeks, the bleeding disappeared! I still had five other problems throughout the pregnancy, but I managed to overcome them all, and Vaughn was born healthy. As he fought so hard and overcame all these complications, I decided to name him Vaughn in honor of a friend of ours who has that name and is a soldier.”

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