Mom Of Triplets Is Pregnant Again With Twins

Megan Haggerty was lucky enough to have multiple children. The 30-year-old American gave birth to triplets last year. Now the woman is pregnant again – with twins. All pregnancies occur naturally.

Last year, Megan gave birth to triplets Clyde, Matthew and Thomas. She already has a two-year-old daughter with her husband Clyde Bodge. The triplets are just one year old. Now Megan is pregnant with twins again. One wonders which pact luck and probability have entered into. But Megan remains calm, she tells Yahoo Parenting. “I didn’t really expect to get a message like this again.” And she goes on to say: “I already have triplets, so twins will be child’s play.” Although she should have recovered from the sʜᴏᴄᴋ first, she and her fiancé are now all the better prepared.

Megan works full time. Her fiancé stays at home with the kids since being laid off as a heating and air-conditioning technician in February. He had to get used to everyday life with triplets. “But my day is now running very smoothly,” he explains to the online portal. The couple will add twins to their load come July. Bodge said, “Honestly, I’m excited. I love kids.”

Megan’s triplets are fraternal, and the possibility of ᴄᴏɴᴄᴇɪᴠɪɴɢ them naturally was about 1 in 8,000, for identical triplets those chances increase to about 1 in a million. Megan and Clyde’s chances of having multiples seem to run in the family, because Megan’s grandmother and her aunt also gave birth to twins. Clyde’s great-grandmother even gave birth to quadruplets.

The couple has no family nearby for support or to help with childcare duties. There have been tough times. Megan said, “The triplets were really difficult at first because you only have two hands and two legs, and they all seemed to want to be fed at the same time. The older kids have not yet been told about their latest siblings-to-be, but I hope they’ll rise to the occasion.”

“Sometimes the babies are asleep when I get home, and they’re asleep when I leave, so I can go a week without seeing them. But our biggest concern now is finances. It’s going to be a test. We’re going to have to keep our heads on straight to make ends meet. I’m willing to work at night,” she added.

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