Mom Of Quadruplets Revealed She Used 24 Nappies A Day And Spent $300 A Week On Food

The mother told us a little about the routine with her four children, who arrived by surprise!

If having just one child already requires a lot of preparation time on the part of the parents, imagine four who arrive unexpectedly. That’s the reality for Jenny Marr and Chris. They talked a little more about how their lives changed after this surprise in an interview with The Sun.

The couple from Texas, in the United States, met at a local bar and have been together for over five years. In the first years, they enjoyed life together a lot, but towards the end of 2018, they decided that it was time to expand the family. Then, in March 2019, they decided to stop all birth control in the hope that a baby was on the way.

Just six months after that decision, Jenny got pregnant and told her husband the news. Both were very happy and were expecting their first child. However, in the weeks that followed, after a battery of tests, the couple was surprised by something new. While performing an ultrasound, the woman noticed that the doctor was staring at the screen. She asked if something was wrong, and the professional told her that everything was fine, but she felt something was up. Jenny asked the sonographer if she was expecting twins, but the last thing she expected to hear was what came out of the son’s mouth, who told her she was pregnant with triplets.

The news was so shocking to the couple that Chris, who was accompanying her to the appointment, turned pale and fainted. However, the surprises did not end there. The following week, when he underwent more tests, the nurse performing the ultrasound discovered another baby, so the couple discovered that they would not be fathers of one or three children, but four! This time, there were no fainting spells, and they were both happy, because they preferred even numbers to odd ones.

The doctor explained that Jenny was not pregnant with triplets but with identical quadruplets, who shared the same placenta. According to her, the odds of that happening were 15 million to one! However, while this pregnancy was something of a miracle, it was also tremendously ʀɪsᴋʏ. Doctors told Chris that the chance of all the babies surviving was less than 0.01%. However, the babies resisted, and they arrived in the world in March 2020, at the end of 28 weeks of gestation.

All the babies had to be tube-fed because of their size and to stay in the hospital until the end of May. When everyone was allowed to go home, Jenny and Chris’ lives changed radically, as did their priorities. They say they change about 24 diapers a day and spend the equivalent of $300 a week on food. In general, they have devoted themselves almost exclusively to their children, but they have established a routine in which everyone sleeps at the same time, which also allows them to rest whenever possible.

Despite all the new responsibilities that need to be fulfilled, the mother says that every time she looks at her children, whose chances of survival were so low, she feels amazed that they are inside. The couple consider the family a miracle and feel like the “luckiest parents in the world.” They even celebrate being able to have a great family Christmas this year, adding that the kids will be overjoyed when they see all the home decor.

For sure, having four children is a very complicated mission, but the couple seems to be doing very well. We wish good health and happiness to this family!

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