Mom Of 4 Children Decided To Show How A Woman’s Body Actually Looks After Childbirth

Carrying and giving birth to a child is far from all that a woman needs to go through during pregnancy. There is also the postpartum period – and it is here that “surprises” appear for many young mothers, in particular – with a body. And although today you can see Hollywood stars who demonstrate a completely flat stomach as early as 2 weeks after giving birth – one mother from TikTok does not hesitate to show how it really is – in ordinary women.

“If you feel overwhelmed by your body, remember your beautiful children, who see no flaws and just love you. If you don’t have kids, remember that our bodies do so much for us on a daily basis. You are beautiful,” wrote Danisha Lestavel under one of her publications, “a mother who showed what it is – the postpartum period.”

Photos and videos with stretch marks, as well as a stomach after childbirth – this is what she conquered the Internet community with.

Millions of women responded to her cry that our body does not have to be perfect; the very fact that it performs its basic functions is a miracle and a blessing for which one must be grateful.

Danisha began showing her belly weekly shortly after the difficult birth.Without filters or embellishments: the truth as it is.

“This is very difficult to accept for new mothers whose bodies have changed dramatically in a short period of time. Not only because they got used to seeing something else for a very long time, but also because online content rarely shows the truth about motherhood, in particular, how the body looks after childbirth in reality,” Danisha shares.

This is what her belly looked like two weeks after giving birth. And Danisha, without ceasing, rejoices that she was able to overcome this period and thanks God for healthy children and relatives for the support provided.

And this is what Danisha’s body looked like 3 weeks after giving birth. And this TikTok video received 19 million views in a short period of time. In the comments, women applauded the brave mother for her ability to convey the truth to the masses and for the opportunity to support young mothers in this difficult but extremely happy period in their lives.

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