Mom Describes Everyday Family Life With Quadruplets

Mom describes everyday life with quadruplets and an even older child through her posts.

In recent years, assisted reproduction methods have led to an increase in multiple pregnancies. According to the US Department of Health & Human Services, compared to 1980, the chances of a twin pregnancy have increased by 75%, while the chances of a triplet pregnancy have increased even more.

And if raising twins or triplets seems overwhelming, imagine everyday life with quadruplets. Dayna Childress is the mother of quadruplets, and through the Hello Quadruplets Instagram account she has created, she shares snapshots of her daily life.

Dayna and her husband also have an older son, and the quadruplets came into their lives after three miscarriages. The young mother calls her five children “miracles” and, in recent years, has captured the special journey of motherhood with the photos and videos she publishes. Her followers on Instagram exceed 389 thousand, and each of her posts gathers tens of thousands of likes.

In addition to great photos, Dyana shares her experiences and thoughts, and many moms can relate to her.

Shortly after the birth of the quadruplets, the young mother posted a photo of her C-section scar and wrote in her post:

“When I first woke up after the cesarean all I kept thinking was how could I not hold them in any longer? How could my body betray me like that? It was three important weeks too early for them to be born. To this day I still kick myself for getting out of bed that night, thinking if I had just not stood up at that moment maybe Simon’s water wouldn’t have broke and I could’ve made it longer. But then I think, we’ll what if I stayed asleep and his water still broke and his cord slipped out, would I have woken up? Would he even be alive? Either way I have it in the back of my head not knowing if or how long his cord was compressed, if he lost oxygen, will it effect him developmentally?
I need to stop having these worries, stop putting my body down and start praising it because it still did an AMAZING thing. I grew FOUR babies at once, and they all survived while doing better than expected over and over. I had so many doctors telling me they would’nt survive, or if they did they’d have severe medical disabilities. Well I beat the odds and proved them wrong.”

Dyana posts photos of her children from their daily lives and the activities they do during the day. The difficulties are many, but the beautiful moments are just as many.

Today, the quadruplets are three years old. See photos that Dyana has published over the years in the gallery below.

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