Mom And Dad Can’t Believe Their Baby’s A Boy In Hilarious Viral Birth Photo

Right at the time of delivery, the mother discovered that the ultrasound result was wrong

A mother in North Carolina, United States, received a pleasant surprise when her baby was born. When she learned that she was pregnant again, Nancy Ray hoped it was a boy. After all, she and her husband already had two daughters.

Beforehand, the couple opted for an ultrasound exam. “My husband especially wanted to have some time to process if it was our third girl,” explained Nancy in an interview with the Little Things website.

According to the mother, the result of the examination was that they were expecting another little girl. So she started preparing the trousseau and the baby’s room. Additionally, Nancy made sure to find a photographer to capture the birth.

And she couldn’t have made a better choice! That’s because the moment yielded exciting and very fun clicks for the family.

As soon as she arrived in the delivery room, Nancy decided to get into the bathtub. In less than two hours, she gave birth. However, when they went to cut the umbilical cord, there was a big surprise.

“What is it?! It’s a boy!” Nancy remembers saying in the delivery room. In other words, that pregnancy test was wrong, and now the Rays are finally having a boy.

The situation came as a real shock to everyone. “Immediately, Will lifted the baby’s leg and checked it twice more. Afterwards, he got down on one knee and couldn’t stop laughing,” said photographer Lauren Jolly.

Everything was recorded by the cameras, and the mother’s reaction simply stole the show. As soon as she saw the sex of the baby, she got a real scare and started laughing. The parents named the little one Beaufort, the name they chose when they were pregnant with their first child.

“I am so happy to be there to capture this moment. That’s the magic of birth photography!” said Jolly. The photos ended up on social media and quickly went viral on the internet.

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