Meet New Zealand’s First Quadruplets In 25 Years

Multiple pregnancies, especially those in which more than two children are born, are rare. Recently, in New Zealand, identical quadruplets were born for the first time in 25 years.

Kendall and Joshua MacDonald welcomed their four children to the world: Quinn, India, Molly and Hudson. The couple has an even older 3-year-old son, Brooklyn. Quadruplets arouse great interest in New Zealand.

Immediately after birth, they were offered a photo session. See the gallery and meet the cute quadruplets.

Photographer Cassandra English asked the parents to make a photo session of the newborns. As she admits, a second such chance might not happen to her. The effects of the session are beautiful, although there were some mishaps. Cassandra, who specializes in neonatal sessions, had little difficulty controlling quadruplets.

Cassandra has several sessions with triplets and twins in her portfolio. As she admits, however, she never managed to arrange a session with quadruplets. The children of the MacDonalds were the first.

Cassandra has dreamed of doing a baby photo shoot ever since she found out that Kendall is pregnant. Three girls and one boy are probably the only quadruplets she will meet in her career. How did the preparations for the session look like?

The children in the photos look refreshed and calm. The entire session lasted over seven hours. There were four assistants and three caregivers on the set. Among the props, we can find 27 bouquets of fresh flowers, a handmade floral wreath and a beautiful wooden bed. How was it possible to make the children look polite? It was hard.

During the session, quadruplets needed constant care. In seven hours, they used 13 diapers and drank a total of 9 bottles of milk. The photos also show the older brother of the quadruplets, Brooklyn. He was the only one who was polite during the session. Cassandra admits that the photo shoot with quadruplets was a great challenge for her, but judging by the photos she did it great.

The photos are made in the style characteristic of Cassandra. Pastels, warm colors and an idyllic atmosphere dominate. The children are arranged in different poses, cuddling to each other and to their brother Brooklyn.

It was not easy to get all the children at one moment to be polite and posed nicely for a photo. Fortunately, Cassandra has mastered the art of photographing newborns and babies. The photos will be a lovely souvenir for kids and their parents.

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