Maine Island Community Welcomes First Baby After 95 Years

A baby’s cry resounded in a small American island town after a long time. The first baby in 93 years was born on Little Cranberry Island, Maine, USA. For the first childbirth in the 21st century, the village is truly festive.

On the 27th of last month, the cry of a baby was heard from Little Cranberry Island. Azalea Belle Gray was the sixth child born to Aaron Gray and Erin Fernald Gray.

Little Cranberry Island is one of the five large and small islands that make up the main island city of Cranberry. Warren Fernald, the baby’s great-grandfather, who was born in 1927 and ᴅɪᴇᴅ in 2005 at the age of 77, was the last resident to be born and raised on the island.

The baby’s parents, who live between nearby islands and Little Cranberry Island, gave birth to three of their children on another island and two on the mainland. Azalea is the first baby born on Little Cranberry Island since her great-grandfather. She really can’t be a sergeant.

Not surprisingly, the population residing on Little Cranberry Island was about 65 as of 2013. Even if the area is expanded to include the entire island city, the number of residents remains at 141 as of 2010. Most of the residents are elderly, and the number of young people is only 23. Even this has increased in recent years.

Cranberry Island’s secretary said, “In the past eight years, the permanent population has increased by 40%, from 101 to 141. The youth population also increased from an average of 16 to 23 last year. It’s our own little baby boomer.” He added that the villagers were also very excited about the birth.

However, the fact that the majority of the residents are elderly is acting as a crisis. In order to save the island at the crossroads of existence, local governments are actively promoting the distribution of broadband networks. It is also trying to solve the housing and job shortage problems.

“I don’t have a seventh plan yet,” said the baby’s mother, smiling. “I think my youngest daughter will be happiest if she has friends of the same age to play with. I hope someone has another baby on this island.”

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the U.S. population is 331 million, accounting for 4.2% of the world’s population. The number of births and immigrants decreased while the number of deaths increased due to the aging of the baby boom generation, and the population growth rate was the lowest in 100 years.

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