“Little Gymnast”, The Baby Girl Was Born In An Unusual Position

When Willow was born, the doctors and her new mom were shocked. The girl was born with her legs fully straightened and pointing towards her head. “She looks like a little gymnast!”

When Lili Paziuk from Cleckheaton, UK, was getting ready to give birth, it turned out that her daughter was arranged oddly and a caesarean section would be necessary. However, it was only after the birth that it turned out that it was not the hands that covered the baby’s face, but the feet.

Little Willow probably settled down in the womb with her legs behind her head during fetal life, and as she grew, she was unable to change this position. That is why she was born arranged like a little gymnast, or, as her mother says, like a ready-to-eat chicken.

The position in which Willow was in the womb poses a significant threat to the health and life of the baby if the birth is natural. There is a high risk of umbilical cord wrapping and other complications.

Willow bent her knees for the first time in 24 hours. Unfortunately, until then, she could not be dressed in a normal bodysuit. Mom couldn’t put anything long-legged on the little one without damaging the delicate and oddly arranged joints.

Lily Paziuk recalls that she was disappointed by this difficulty because she had prepared a lot of cute clothes that she could not put on the child.

The girl’s mother admits that she had concerns, even when changing diapers. She was afraid that she would inadvertently hurt the baby. Fortunately, medical examinations did not show developmental abnormalities, and today the girl puts her legs up normally.

Interestingly, Willow in her sleep still assumes a posture with her legs upturned, just like during fetal life. The fetal position means a sense of security for the newborn baby, even if it is such an unusual arrangement of limbs for Willow. According to doctors, this position in a dream is safe.

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