Incredible Photos Of Newborns Put Back In Their Mother’s Belly

The photographer positions the newborn in the plaster cast taken from his mother’s tummy when she was pregnant, in the same way she was in the womb.

Jocelyn Conway is a professional photographer from the UK with a totally original approach when it comes to capturing images related to the world of motherhood.

Since 2015, Jocelyn has taken photos of newborns in what she calls “tummy bowls,” which are plaster casts of their moms’ pregnant bellies that were taken before birth.

“I love the idea of the baby somehow going back into the tummy in a photograph,” Conway confesses. “And usually babies like to go back to their mold! They quickly settled into the “house,” in which they lived for nine months. It’s lovely to see them!”

The photographer took a course five years ago to learn the plaster technique and how to take molds, and she then came up with this incredible project called “belly bowls,” to which she now devotes her professional time.

Before the photo session, the first thing she does is take a plaster cast of the mother’s belly, which is between 34 and 36 weeks pregnant. After birth, the babies are placed inside them in the fetal position, and several photographs are taken of them that are later edited into a multiple image collage.

“I love making these belly molds. It is a privilege to be a part of someone’s life at such a special time and to be involved in creating memories for the family and the baby for when they are older.”

Below we show you a selection of these images and others of how Jocelyn creates the plaster casts.

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