“I Love My Tummy!” The 14-Year-Old Reports Her Pregnancy On Instagram

The girl believes that she will be a great mother. She also warned other girls about what happened to her.

Pregnancy at a young age is not something the average teenager would like to brag about. The society’s attitude towards young mothers is the way it is. However, this is not the rule because some pregnant girls want to share their happiness with the world. She doesn’t seem particularly worried about her situation.

Melanie, from Kentucky in the US, is only 14 and already a mother. Since August 2017, she has been running the “melanielovesherbump” profile on Instagram, which means “Melanie loves her tummy.” A young American reported her pregnancy on it, and recently she has been boasting about her child. In the description of her photos, we read, among other things, that it was “the effect of visiting my boyfriend when he was home alone” or “my breasts got unusually large for a 14-year-old.”

The girl became pregnant at the age of 13, but she was not going to be ashamed of it. Melanie clearly enjoyed her condition and the fact that she would be a mother in the photos, but she did not shy away from informing her peers about what had happened to her. Under one of the photos, with the hashtag #14andpregnant (#14ipregnant), she wrote: “When a boy says, ‘Trust me, you won’t get pregnant,’ don’t believe him.'”

Unlike other young mothers, she had no intention of hiding. The girl proudly shows off her pregnant belly.

The father of the child is supposed to be her boyfriend, but little is known about him. Throughout her pregnancy, Melanie had the support of her family as well as Internet users, who reacted positively to her confession.

The child was born healthy, and the girl claims to be a happy mother. Instead of going to school and hanging out with friends, Melanie now has other responsibilities.

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