“I Became A Father At 72 And I Want To See My Child Grow Up In Time!”

The artist, who is married to Katharine McPhee, 38, says he knows that their relationship “is not conventional”. He has won more than 16 Grammys throughout his professional career linked to music. However, singer David Foster is now quite devoted to family life.

73-year-old David Foster, father of 6 and grandfather of 7 grandchildren, welcomed his youngest son in 2021 shortly after his 72nd birthday. According to him, becoming a father at such an old age has several disadvantages but also many advantages.

At his age he has more patience than when he was younger, a skill he considers important in raising a child. He even admits that with his 5 daughters, who are now adults, he did not have the required patience and perseverance while he was more arrogant and operated more with instinct and less with logic.

“I believe that at this stage of my life I can offer my son wisdom!”, he explains. ” Of course I’m anxious to see him reach 30 but I can teach him great lessons and as long as I’m around him, I’ll be the best version of myself. If you weigh the pros and cons of becoming a parent at an older age, I think the scales are tipped in favor,” he says.

“Not a day do I regret the decision to become a father again. I have loved all of this from fatherhood, every day,” said the father.

As for the 35 years that separate him from his second wife, he is fully aware.

“People talk about our age difference all the time and often embarrass us, but I don’t care. We are very good together and if something destroys our marriage, it certainly won’t be the years that separate us,” he concluded.

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