“Hurried” Baby Was Born In Her Parents’ Car In A Matter Of Minutes

A family from Ashland welcomed their new bundle of joy to the world inside their car at the intersection of Winns Church Road and Route 33 in Hanover.

Tyler Edwards and Logan Roop were excitedly waiting alongside their two daughters, Juniper and Harbor, for their third child. What they didn’t count on, however, was that their little one would be so… in a hurry that she wouldn’t wait for her parents to get to the maternity ward!

On Jan. 29, Roop started having contractions, and within two hours her waters had broken. Soon after, Logan’s husband grabbed their bags and packed the car to begin their trip to the hospital.

They both thought they had plenty of time before they arrived, but their daughter had other plans! Roop said they planned to stop at one of their relatives’ houses along Route 33 to drop off their children before heading to the hospital.

“I thought we had time,” said Edwards. “However, this plan quickly changed. We’re driving, and all of a sudden, my wife kind of sits up a little bit and says, ‘It’s coming.'”

At the intersection of Winns Church Road and Route 33, Roop gave birth to their third child, Carolina Winn Edwards. “Her head had popped out without me even pushing. Within minutes, I gave birth. My husband was driving at the time, and I was already holding our daughter tightly in my arms,” Roop said.

Soon after, firefighters from the Farrington Volunteer Fire Department arrived on the scene to help out. “Our first priority was to make sure everyone was okay and then get into the back of the ambulance,” said Joey Viray, a firefighter with the department.

Nine days after Carolina was born, the family stopped by the Farrington Volunteer Fire Department to show their gratitude to the crew. “This is our baby, and we appreciate all that you guys did,” said Roop to the firefighters during the interview. “You guys may think it’s nothing, but it’s everything to us.”

A heartfelt moment to remember the extraordinary story behind this “miracle baby.” “She’s just a little angel,” said Roop. “We are so blessed.”

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