How To Boost Your Baby’s Intelligence Levels During Pregnancy

All parents want the best for their baby. You may have taken multiple pieces of advice from your parents, family, and friends during your pregnancy regarding baby gear. Keeping a healthy lifestyle throughout the period of your pregnancy makes the baby healthy and strong.

One thing you must know during your pregnancy is that you don’t have to wait until the birth of your baby for the development of their minds. There are certain things you can do during your pregnancy period that help to develop the IQ of your baby. Science has also proved that certain activities of the mother during her pregnancy can really affect the IQ of the baby and ultimately can enhance it. Here are some very simple and easy ways to help boost the baby’s IQ during pregnancy.

  • Exercise Regularly

Exercising is really important during pregnancy, it makes you stay active. It helps you with your cramps and body aches too. If you feel it is difficult to exercise, you can walk for at least 20-30 minutes. Research from experts shows that exercise or exercise-related activities help to improve a baby’s brain functioning. It is beneficial for both the mother and the offspring.

  • Healthy Diet

The whole period of pregnancy comprises nine months and requires a healthy diet. A new body grows within you. Your diet should be adjusted accordingly. Including brain foods in your diet is an important step toward increasing your brainpower. Fruits, greens, dairy products, dry fruits, eggs, nuts, and seeds are a few to name. DHA may also have some role in brain development. These are Omega-3 fatty acids, which can easily be found in many prenatal supplements. Including fish and salmon in your diet can play a part too.

  • Reading Bedtime Stories To Your Baby

Reading a story to your child at bedtime is a routine that many parents have. But did you know that if you start this early, reading stories to your baby before they’re even born, it can help to contribute to their brain power, especially their language skills? By the third trimester, your baby can not only clearly hear sounds, but he or she can also learn to memorize them too. The more you read, the stronger this becomes.

  • Have Some Bump Time

Spend some time with just you and your bump. Talk to your bump, massage your bump, and basically be ‘at one’ with your bump!

After 20 weeks, your baby will start to feel when you touch and massage your bump. It will have a lovely calming effect on them, sending the right types of messages to their nervous system.

In addition, your baby starts to hear your voice at around 16 weeks. Talk away, and by the time your baby is born they will be able to distinguish your voice from your partner’s, and anyone else who has spent time chatting with them.

  • Avoid Stress

To increase a baby’s intelligence levels, you must keep yourself away from any kind of stress or depression. Stay positive, keep yourself as positive as you can. Get rid of all the negative growth inside you. It can definitely have negative impacts on the baby. Take part in things and activities that make you happy. Don’t practice overthinking. Meditate and feel good. Always remember the fact that a healthy baby after a long nine-month period of pregnancy is worth the wait.

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