Heroine Mom Shows How Much Milk She Pumps To Feed Triplets

Having triplets is hard, and there’s no denying it. But the most difficult problem here, as it turned out, is far from childcare itself. What every mother faces, and especially the mother of twins and triplets, is an endless struggle with other people’s opinions and attempts to “fight off” people and their opinions about caring for, feeding, and raising children.

Young mother Nina Dufrenne still remembers the pressure that others put on her. The main issues of concern were child care and milk expression. Since breastfeeding and pumping are very energy-intensive activities, especially when it comes to three babies at once, Nina has been told more than once that mothers of triplets rarely choose an all-natural method of feeding their children.

And although different methods of feeding babies are good in their own way, depending on the current situation, Nina wanted to show by her example that it is possible to feed triplets completely with breast milk. So she made several videos on TikTok on the subject, showing and talking about her typical day, which includes taking care of babies and repeatedly expressing milk. This is impressive and at the same time surprising – once again, we can say that in this world for a woman, for a mother, nothing is impossible.

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Immediately after the birth of the triplets, they were taken to the intensive care unit, where they were connected to artificial lung ventilation devices. Nina was simply horrified and in constant fear for her children, and, like any mother, she wanted with all her might to at least somehow help her newborn babies. “All I could do for them was express milk regularly for feeding. I think that’s why I’m still kind of emotionally attached to this process, “Nina shares.

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Maternal instincts won out, and Nina began to regularly express milk for her babies. As you can see from the TikTok video, this is a daily, hard, painstaking job, but it is completely worth all the effort. And this despite the fact that there were always a lot of people around Nina trying to dissuade her from this.

They told the young mother: “If you feed the children with a special therapeutic mixture, they will quickly leave the intensive care unit.” But Nina didn’t even consider it as an option. She was determined to feed the children completely on her own, although this was perhaps the most difficult way.

The babies were born at 29 weeks. The young mother knows that breastfeeding is the best way to connect with her newborn baby, so she has started expressing milk daily. However, it would seem that the people around her were waiting for the moment when she would fail and there would simply not be enough milk for all three children.

“There were a lot of people who doubted my decision, but for half a year now I have been feeding my children only breast milk, and everything seems to be in absolute order,” says Nina.

The young mother heard especially many comments on this subject in the hospital, where she was told: “We have not yet seen mothers successfully breastfeed triplets only, but you can try.”

Nina’s videos on TikTok have gained millions of views, and this is great support for pregnant women expecting two, three, or more children.

“When I was pregnant, I had a hard time finding information on how to breastfeed triplets. And so I want to show other mothers that this is more than real and possible, “says Nina.

“Breastfeeding is not the only possible way to feed, and of course situations are different. However, if you can breastfeed a baby despite the doubts of the people around you, that is something to be proud of.”

“I had to learn to ignore the negativity pouring in my direction. Sometimes I was able to express much more milk than my children needed. And the next week, I could barely get the right amount. And then a pre-made stash of excess milk, frozen in the freezer, will certainly come in handy.

Breastfeeding triplets is a difficult and responsible task, but Nina’s videos and photos show mothers that nothing is impossible!

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