Hello, World! 10 Brand-New Babies Making Some Serious Funny Faces

Newborn babies can make the funniest faces! Which is understandable, being out of the ᴡᴏᴍʙ for the first time is not a simple thing. And here is a hilarious collection of funny faces a baby might pull. These photos were taken mere minutes after they were born.

“This is my nephew,” says photographer Janelle Kamp , “I think he’s saying: doula, birth photographer and my aunt… ohhhhhhhhhh”.

“Put me back in”: I think it is a perfect face even if it is not completely born yet. I think he’s not thrilled to have been removed from his home,” observes photographer Keri-Anne.

“Wow what a trip!”: “This little boy seems to say: yes, alright, I just rocked the birth trip. I’m in the world,” Freund jokes.

Not at all modest: “This little girl was born only 10 minutes ago. She was attentive in her father’s arms. She is thinking: “take another shot, I know I’m pretty,” says photographer Christiane Pereira.

Happy child: “20 minutes after being born he returned to his mother’s arms and smiled. He really did. He is thinking: “so you are my mom…”,” declares the photographer Pereira.

Do I have to?: “This baby born covered in meconium. He must be thinking: “who turned on the light?”,” says Observes Pereira.

Nice apartment!: “It doesn’t matter how nice the birth was and it was to unbelievable levels, but babies with water in their eyes are too funny. This little guy seems to be inspecting his house and thinking, “the high roof is in, but won’t the lights be a little dated?” says Tammy Schmit.

Understanding it all: “This photo was taken 10 minutes after birth. She is thinking: “good morning world,” says Pereira.

What a grouch: “After being checked by the pediatrician, the man posed the baby for the camera. Everyone burst out laughing,” says Freund.

Hands off, bud!: “I think this baby was thinking, ‘Can you hurry this exam? I was really enjoying the new food!'” laughs Ditzel.

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