Heartwarming Moment A Newborn Clings To Mom’s Face Just Seconds After Birth

Going into labor and delivering a baby can be filled with so much uncertainty, but it’s also one of the most magical moments in a mother’s life. All of the hard work of labor becomes immediately worth it when your newborn enters the world and is placed in your arms.

This mom’s connection with her newborn baby is truly exciting and can hardly be described in mere words. But thanks to the fact that the video was recorded, this wonderful moment could be uploaded to social networks for the whole world to see.

Little Agatha Riveiro was born by ᴄᴇsᴀʀᴇᴀɴ sᴇᴄᴛɪᴏɴ on April 5 at a hospital in Santa Monica, Brazil. As soon as she is born from her, they place her next to the face of her mother, Brenda Coêlho de Souza.

The baby immediately hugs her and clings to her with affection that moved the entire team that was present, and thanks to the fact that they were recording it, this moving video can now be seen.

The 24-year-old young mum commented that the moment her daughter hugged her for the first time was incredible and that the medical team was surprised by how affectionate she was with her even when she was so small.

Together they stay like this for awhile until Agatha begins to cry out. Without missing a beat Brenda begins to sweetly talk to her new baby girl. Her loving words bring a calm peace over Agatha.

Both Brenda and her baby girl have never seen each other face-to-face, yet they built a bond over nine months that connected them so deeply.

Congratulations to the family for this loving little daughter!

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