Fresh Out Of The Oven: See Photos Of Newborn Babies Dressed Up For Thanksgiving

Newborn babies are wearing adorable turkey outfits to celebrate Thanksgiving. This outfits is a perfect way to celebrate your baby’s first Thanksgiving! It is just waiting to be worn by the little one in your life!

Hospitals in West Virginia and Florida brought holiday cheer to new parents with costumed photo shoots starring their newest babies dressed as delectably sweet turkeys.

“We wanted to do something unique for the parents and have a very good memory of this special time,” Katana Jackson, director of women’s and children’s services at Raleigh General Hospital in Beckley, West Virginia, said.

“It’s a hit with the parents,” she says. “They are surprised and amazed by the time and care that has gone into these photos.”

The holiday initiative, which began last year, is a festive surprise for unsuspecting parents, who get to keep the costumes.

Jackson says the event is a step up from traditional newborn photos provided by the hospital, with babies wearing pink or blue T-shirts.

“It’s an extra touch and gives a lasting memory,” she notes, praising the “enthusiastic” nursery staff. She says the photo shoot “shows the kind of dedication and heart that these ladies have for our new moms and babies.”

Raleigh General Hospital also shared a slideshow of turkey photos on Facebook, writing, “These little bundles are TOO CUTE!” Newborns at Baptist Health Bethesda Hospital in Boynton Beach, Florida, also got into the holiday spirit with their own fashion show.

Infants were dressed in brown, orange, and white onesies with leg warmers and hats, ruffled tutus, and full-body turkey suits adorned with wings.

The hospital was unable to share the identities of the baby models, as some parents haven’t finalized their names. “Some were born today!” a hospital spokesperson said.

“Hospital staff and families have shared that it’s a nice way to celebrate having a new little one and a memorable “first Thanksgiving” moment,” adds the spokesperson. “It brought a smile to parents’ faces and made coming to work that much more exciting for staff.”

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