First Birth Of Sextuplets In The World, As They Are After 30 Years

They became famous, a record that was later achieved by other families as well. They did, however, represent an incredible moment: the birth of the world’s first sextuplets will never be forgotten.Today, it has been 30 years since the birth of these six babies, who have certainly given mom and dad a lot to do. How are they today?

Janet and Graham had wanted to be parents for a long time, like many other families. They tried often, and after many attempts without ever losing hope, Janet was finally able to remain pregnant. A really great joy for the whole family, that she certainly didn’t expect that this would have been an extraordinary birth, of which the whole world would have talked even later.

Janet and Graham were happy to be pregnant, were grateful for the chance to become parents, and felt very lucky. But the surprises weren’t over yet. When it came time for the first ultrasound, Janet and Graham discovered that she wasn’t pregnant with a single baby or even a set of twins. Janet was pregnant with as many as six babies.

The ultrasound indeed showed that in Janet’s mother’s ᴡᴏᴍʙ there were six babies ready to be born all together. After so many failures and so many dashed hopes, finally the happy news, which however has multiplied by six. For the couple, it was certainly unexpected news, but they were still happy. They had tried for a long time, and now theirs would have been, all at once or suddenly, a big family.

Doctors insisted on hospitalizing Janet so they could follow her. On November 18, 1983, she gave birth to her six babies; they were all girls, and they were all healthy. Between feedings, diaper changes, baths, and more, the couple never stopped in their first year of life, spending more than 11,000 dollars on diapers. Surely the first years of life were the most intense, but it wasn’t even easy to face the first years of school and the adolescence of six girls at the same time.

Mom and Dad are proud of the family they have created. The daughters are now 30 years old; some have a successful career, others have started a family, giving grandchildren to their parents. They also recently planned a family vacation together in New York. They are happy because theirs will be a huge family with many grandchildren.

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