Expectation Vs Reality: 10 Hilarious Baby Photo Shoots Gone Wrong

Recording everyday images of children during their childhood years is a job that any parent wants to embark on. Partly because you are a priceless and lovely gift, parents always want to cherish every second of every minute. Another part is that because time flies, children will grow up very quickly, if they don’t take advantage of capturing lovely moments, they will regret it later.

That’s why, there are many parents who roll up their sleeves and are determined to make a good photo shoot for their children. However, when looking back at the results, parents can only cry half-heartedly because “expectation” and “reality” are too far apart. Here are 10 hilarious baby photo shoots that illustrate that:

  1. Oh my, being “butted” on both cheeks at the same time! What’s going on?

  1. Come on, let’s eat first!

  1. Taking pictures is not fun at all.

  1. Something is wrong too!

  1. Expectations are one thing, but reality is quite another.

  1. It’s a bit weird, but it’s not that bad!

  1. It’s not my fault…

  1. Is this photo shoot over yet?

  1. Why did you make me take this concept?

  1. It’s just the wrong posture.

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