Dramatic Delivery Of Premature Twins On The Highway

Tiny Queensland twins Harvey and Evelyn have made a dramatic entrance to the world after they both were born in the back of an ambulance on the way to Mater Mothers’ Hospital in Brisbane. Tara, the mother, described the birth of her breech-born premmie twins, who arrived just six minutes apart, as an “unforgettable” experience.

Tara was only 32 weeks pregnant and still had a long way to go when twins Evelyn and Harvey suddenly decided to announce their arrival. On the way to the hospital, the emergency medical personnel realized that they would not make it in time. They then turned off on the highway south of Brisbane, Australia. And on the night of October 31 at 03:30, two new world citizens were born.

“It was quite a dramatic arrival into this world, they were clearly in a rush to be born and welcome us,” said the new mom of twins.

Tara said it all happened very quickly. She was at home with her partner when she suddenly had severe pain and her water broke. An ambulance collected Tara at the couple’s Sunnybank home, but her babies were in a hurry. “I was going to take her to the maternity ward at Brisbane Hospital, but I’m so glad I didn’t do it myself,” said her partner Hayden.

The new father of twins followed the ambulance in his car. When he saw an ambulance pull up, he feared that his epileptic partner might be having a seizure. “I ran to find out what happened, and when I got there, the paramedics said Evelyn was in labor and we needed to get to the hospital’s labor and delivery department immediately,” Hayden said.

But they had no time at all. Just a few minutes later, the ambulance had to be pulled over again, and both children were born soon after. “It was a pretty dramatic arrival, obviously both of them couldn’t wait to meet us,” Tara said. “Evelyn arrived at 3.31 a.m., and Harvey at 3.37am. Everything happened so fast.”

Because the two babies were born at 32 weeks, they were premature. Pregnancy usually lasts 40 weeks. The premature twins weighed just over 1.7 kilograms each. So, after the twins were transferred to the neonatal unit, they spent the rest of their time there. Despite the fact that Evelyn and Harvey had some complications, their parents say that they are happy and healthy.

The couple said they were grateful to the paramedics who assisted with the delivery of their twins, ensuring they were transported to the hospital quickly.

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