Disney Princesses Come To Life In Once-In-A-Lifetime Photoshoot

Only those who have a child who is still small know how strong the desire is to always have them small, certain that those tender moments in which we hold children in our arms tend to become more and more rare over time. And so many parents aware of what is a real law of life try to immortalize those moments to remember them for a lifetime.

One of the most beautiful scenes and settings is undoubtedly the one signed by Disney. In this photographic set the protagonists are in fact six newborn girls dressed as princesses and they are so sweet that the web has literally gone crazy for these shots that have gone viral in a very short time.

The photos were taken by professional photographer Karen Marie from “Belly Beautiful Portraits”. The woman has a huge passion for photos that recall the world of Disney and small children.

“Disney princesses have always had a special place in my heart,” the woman said in an interview with Scary Mommy.

The six newborn girls were therefore dressed in the clothes of as many Disney princesses, costumes that were entirely made by Valerie Best of Sew Trendy Accessories and which undoubtedly formed the basis for dream photos and which will leave an indelible memory in the memory of their parents.

Each photo hides some sweet details that make it unique and special like the little protagonist of the shot!

In this photo, for example, we have Princess Ariel. It is wonderful to see how much care has been taken in the details of the photo, the beauty of the dress made, the position of the child, the background, the flowers … nothing has been left to chance, including the soft toy placed on the little body of the little one.

And have you noticed that detail that the girl holds in her hand? Well it is a fork that simulates the trident, a detail that might seem trivial but that demonstrates a very deep study behind each shot: and the result can only gratify everyone.

And how about Jasmine, the princess of the Aladdin cartoon? Also in this case the attention to detail leaves no room for discussion. Everything is in the right place, the colors are perfect, the dress is wonderful and in full oriental style.

Parents who have relied on this photographer to immortalize the beauty of their girls have undoubtedly made an excellent choice and can only be happy with the result.

A rose under a glass bell, a teapot and a princess in a yellow dress … these clues all lead to a single princess … Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Also in this case, as mentioned before through the clues, the details are not lacking and the photographer, thanks also to the careful and meticulous work of the screenwriter, was able to create a truly wonderful and exciting shot, not only for parents but also for the whole web. who shared these photos thousands of times.

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