Dad Spoke To The Baby Before She Was Born, And She Recognized His Voice After Birth

Every parent will surely confirm that the birth of a child is the most important moment in their life, especially if it is their first child. A Brazilian couple had this magical moment not too long ago, and it was especially gratifying because of their daughter’s reaction.

Moments after birth, Antonella delighted her parents with the most charming smile.

And there’s a reason for this

The fact is that her father, Flavio Dantas, spoke with the child when he was still in the ᴡᴏᴍʙ and, having been born into the world, the daughter recognized her native voice.

In a touching Instagram post, the father described the moment of Antonella’s birth as the most magical.

“I can’t explain how I felt at that moment,” he wrote.

“Every day I talked to my daughter in her mother’s ᴡᴏᴍʙ, I always told her that I loved her, that dad was there and that I was going to be the best father in the world! How did she repay me when she was born? The cutest smile in history,” wrote the joyful father.

Antonella’s mother, Tarsila, also shared photos of her daughter with the same sweet captions.

In one of the photos shared by the woman, she described her daughter as “a gift sent to them by the Lord.”

Another photo showed a mother hugging her daughter, with the caption: “If wealth were measured in words, I would sum it up in one sentence: you are my rare gem carved by the hands of God.”

The parents raised Antonella in Rio de Janeiro, where they live. Flavio is a naval soldier, while Tarsila works as a cook’s assistant.

Needless to say, this touching story melted the hearts of users all over the Internet.

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