Dad Reveals Their Life After Having Adorable Triplets

The most fun thing about their lives since they had triplets is that they are a real attraction wherever they go.

Suad Papić from Novi Pazar and his wife Emina are the parents of six children, among whom are eight-month-old triplets – two girls and one boy – and their life, as he says, is quite turbulent on a daily basis.

“When we found out that we were going to get triples, it was a delight. However, we didn’t just find out that they were going to be triplets. When we found out that she was pregnant, we went to the doctor for a regular check-up and the ultrasound showed one baby and a small spot. The doctor told us that she was pregnant, that they could see the fetus, but that we should still come next week. Then they saw two fruits and again told us to come in a week. When we came, they said they saw triplets and to come back next week. I told the woman that we were not coming anymore because another one would show up. We were really delighted, it’s a gift from God, everything happened naturally,” begins the story of his Suad family.

As he adds, it is very difficult to have three babies at the same time, but it is still a gift from God.
“Sometimes they are restless, we sleep a little at night, but the main heroine is my wife because we have not only triplets but also three older children. The older children come to help when they come home from school, I also when I come home from work in the afternoon. We are all together, let’s persevere and get them to stand on their feet so that everything becomes easier and easier,” he adds.

Suad points out that their everyday life is primarily combat. “I repeat that the great fighter and hero in the whole story is my wife. She gets up at five o’clock in the morning, sees me off to work, gets the kids ready for school, and just as she’s about to go back to sleep, the babies perform. When I get home from work, I help her. I’m here for everything – to bathe, change clothes, or do whatever I can to make it easier for her. But it is not easy at all. However, their sadness and joy fill the house, and the pain is not even felt,” explains Suad.

The funniest thing in their lives since having triplets, he says, is that wherever they go, they are a real attraction. “Thank God, we always have fun at home. They are not restless, and, which is a miracle of God, they do not wake each other up. If two are sleeping and the third is crying, there are no problems with them continuing to sleep. It’s always fun and cheerful. We are a harmonious, happy family. With great harmony and respect, my wife and I lead all six children on the right path. We try to raise them in a patriarchal way so that they grow up to be good and honest people,” concludes Suad.

The videos that Suad uploads to his TikTok account, @suad_449, show that the house is cheerful, where you can see him sitting with the babies and singing to them.

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