Dad Of Seven Shares Creative Hacks For Parents With Multiple Babies

For parents of a newborn, each day is a demanding adventure. Every step might be a source of anxiety for individuals who have experience caring for youngsters. What transpires then when you are simultaneously raising five children in addition to one? Inventiveness ignites. Amy and Chad Kempel had two kids at home when they learned they were expecting quintuplets.

Chad Kempel and his wife Amy were blessed with 5 more bundles of joy, making them 7 in total. Dad knows that 7 is not an easy task, so he decided to be creative in order to help his wife and other parents out there. With his inventive parenting techniques and ingenious hacks, Chad Kempel has impressed his audience and became popular on the internet. The father of seven posts his creations under the name “Quint Hacks” on his YouTube channel.

Before the Kempel family became parents to the quintuplets, there had been a number of ᴍɪsᴄᴀʀʀɪᴀɢᴇs. Eventually, all five infants made it home safely, and the couple then had to figure out how to care for their entire brood of seven. Chad then considered how he might assist his wife while she was caring for the baby, so he came up with ways to speed up the feeding and diaper-changing routine.

Over nine million people have watched and liked the couple’s chat on the platform, showing their support and affection for the Kempels. In addition to Chad, Amy has received a lot of respect. One person said, “This is a couple who truly is grateful to have each and every one of their kids and makes the most out of it.” Chad and his wife said that while having all the children at first was daunting, having them there happy and healthy has been an amazing process.

They got rid of some furniture to create space for their “baby room” and to help Amy with babysitting while he’s at work, Chad started to improvise and create things that would be a big help to his wife.

Dad came up with brilliant ideas like making a table with pre-installed baby chairs, improvised bottle-feeding mechanism, ways to easily change their babies’ clothes, and even transformed their family van into something conducive and helpful in providing their children’s needs within reach.

Follow their YouTube channel called ‘Chad Kempel – Faith, Hope and Chaos – Quint Hacks.’ The channel aims to help all the struggling parents out there. On the “About” section of the channel, they wrote: “Whether singletons, twins, triplets, quadruplets/quads, quintuplets/quints, or sextuplets we hope our parent/parenting hacks, tips, mistakes, and successes make your life a little easier.”

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