Current Appearance Of Newborn Baby ‘Beautiful From Infancy’

Once “storming” social media with his appearance since birth, Thai boy Arsya is now grown up and has a peaceful life with his mother. At the age of 4, Arsya was praised by many people for still keeping her delicate and good-looking lines.

In December 2017, a series of photos of a Thai newborn boy named Arsya were shared widely on social media. The boy attracted attention because he was born with a sharp face, like a child’s “male god” with big eyes, red lips, a high straight nose and delicate eyebrows.

Usually, it takes a few months after birth for a newborn to have a clear face. Therefore, despite being born prematurely at 7 months, Arsya’s outstanding appearance makes many people excited.

Many people give winged compliments to Arsya’s “beautiful from infancy” appearance. Besides, the online community guesses that the boy is a hybrid or has good-looking parents.

The first person to post pictures of Arsya was doctor Anton Tanjung, who welcomed the baby at the hospital. Immediately after posting photos taken with Arsya, Dr. Anton was mistaken by many as the boy’s father because he looked as handsome as an actor. However, Anton Tanjung later confirmed, he has no relationship with mother and daughter Arsya.

As for baby Arsya, his father is still an “unknown,” but the online community quickly found out that Arsya’s mother is Paeisa Seng. The boy’s mother Arsya is a beautiful woman with a delicate face, a high nose bridge and thick curved eyelashes. Paeisa Seng also regularly updates her son’s picture on her personal page.

Nearly 4 years after the moment of attention, Arsya is now a smart boy, living with his mother in Bangkok, Thailand. At the age of 4, Arsya was commented upon by many people that she is no longer as beautiful as when she was born, but still retains many outstanding features on her face. The boy’s skin is no longer as white and pink as when he was born, but his big, sharp eyes are still as beautiful. Thick eyebrows are also the highlight of the baby’s face.

Arsya’s mother gives her a lot of outdoor activities as well as giving her the best. And even though it used to be an internet phenomenon, the life of the mother and son is still very peaceful and simple.

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