Belly Painting During Your Pregnancy: A Tender Way To Immortalize That Magical Stage

Being pregnant is a magical stage that only lasts nine months, which is why many women want to have a beautiful memory that perpetuates that incredible moment before the arrival of their child forever. And that is the specialty of Fátima Carrión, a Spanish woman who mixed her love for photography with her artistic talent.

The girl has received several awards for her work in body painting and after a friend asked her to draw something on her belly during her pregnancy, Fátima began to receive many clients who requested the same thing, so she began her project, Caresses Photography, where she decorates the bellies of pregnant women with different themes and then captures them in impressive images that are the testimony of that wonderful moment.

Your work is magnificent

Convert expectant mothers

In incredible works of art

The paint only lasts a few hours

But the important thing is the precious memory

That will last a lifetime

Each client chooses the theme

Something significant

Something awesome

To remember forever

This perfect moment

She is currently a well-known artist

With a waiting list

Belly painting is a very beautiful practice

What makes the memory last

He decided to pursue his true passion

Make moms-to-be-happy

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