Beautiful Or Disgusting? A Young Mother Licked Her Newborn Baby After Giving Birth

Everyone is talking about this photo for a reason. We know why she did it.

According to some women, modern childbirth has less and less to do with the natural miracle of birth. It is more like a sterile surgical procedure during which no one takes into account our beliefs and needs. Thanks to anesthesia, we stop feeling any pain, and the huge popularity of cesarean sections is also not conducive to establishing a specific bond with the offspring.

There are many mothers who rebel against this and want to give birth on their own terms. Surrounded by nature, without medical assistance, in water, and usually without anesthesia. They want to feel the primal instinct and believe that they know best what their child needs. Sometimes this leads to situations that are incomprehensible to most people. Just like when one of them started licking her baby right after giving birth.

This gesture aroused a lot of emotions. Some say they have never seen anything so disgusting in their lives.

The unusual moment was captured by a Brazilian photographer. Ludy Siqueira specializes in documenting births, and this was to be another commission of this type. She was not. She avoided beds at all costs. She walked for many hours to speed up labor. The essential part of the birth took place in the shower.

The child was initially rinsed of blood and other bodily fluids. What was left on his tiny body, his mother decided to lick off. She behaved exactly like many animal species that purify their offspring in this way and at the same time build a bond with them.

For many, it is a disgusting sight and incomprehensible behavior, but according to experts, we are dealing with a primal instinct. Don’t be ashamed of it or avoid it.

As we read on the portal, licking a newborn by a mother is not as rare as it may seem. Many women feel the need and thus show their care and love. Just like animals.

“There is a reason for that. On the one hand, this way you can remove any impurities that may be dangerous for the offspring – dead skin cells, blood, bacteria, viruses and the like. Another reason is the bond between mother and child. Their instinct tells them that they should,” says Lee Dugatin, a naturalist.

The midwife quoted by the service adds that close contact right after giving birth is very important. She herself has never seen a mother lick her child, but she sees nothing wrong with it.

Would you like to give birth this way? Do you think you would choose this form of showing care and love for a child?

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