Beautiful Baby Names Inspired By The Names Of Flowers

If you have a hard time deciding on a special name for your child, turn to the world of flowers with confidence. You will see that many flower names are special and can be perfect for him, whether it is a girl or a boy.

Girl name ideas inspired by flower names

As you hear it, the name has a special resonance – we can say it is exotic.
Its meaning refers to the plant of the same name, with its special, intense pink inflorescence, called amaranth.

This is also a very special girl’s name. “Amaryllis” is the name of a beautiful, tropical flower from the lily family, which has lovely colors.

A name like this can quickly become popular because it is shared by one of the characters in the popular animated series “The Powerpuff Girls.”
Besides this character, we must know that “blossom” means “flower bud” in English or “to flourish.”

It can be considered one of the most suitable names for a girl, given that “bluebell” actually means bell, a flower that appears in spring and delights us with its color and delicacy.

Camellias are one of the most popular flowers, spreading all over the world and enchanting with their color and fragrance.
So you won’t go wrong if you give your little girl this name, which has a pleasant sound.

This name is actually the shortened form of “chrysanthemum” and refers to the lovely chrysanthemums.

Dalia/ Dahlia
It represents another beautiful name for girls that is inspired by one of the most beloved flowers: the dahlia.

It is one of the names that has maintained its popularity over the years throughout the Anglo-Saxon world.
The name itself means “Margaret” and can also be used as a pet name for “Margaret.”

We can’t say that it’s not a very special name, especially when we also think of the names of some cartoon characters, such as Bambi’s friend (the skunk) or one of the three good bears from “Beauty in the Sleeping Forest.”
In reality, however, the name refers to one of the deities in the Roman pantheon, more precisely that of spring and flowers.

And this girl’s name is unique, referring to a much-loved plant. It is about the so-called ornamental plant specific to the Christmas celebration.

We can’t say it’s not an underused name. Its symbol is even a flower that always captivates us with its beauty.

Specialists say that it is one of the most popular names for girls inspired by the names of plants, given that even the child of some stars (the couple Beyoncé and Jay-Z) wears it.
In English, “ivy” means “ivy.”

This name is mainly used in the Hispanic universe, including Latin America.
It’s a warmer and more suitable name for a little girl than “Hyacinth,” for example, which in English means “hyacinth.”

Of course, the first time we hear this name, we think of the beloved character from “Aladin.”
In reality, this name refers to a wonderful, fragrant flower, jasmine.

The name is a variant of the name “Lily,”  which means “lily” So don’t hesitate to choose a name for your little girl that refers to a symbol of purity!

If you love wonderful flowers, which have some of the most beautiful colors, stop thinking and choose the name Magnolia for your little girl.

Ever since you hear this name, you can’t help but think of light and brilliance. And so it is, because in English, “marigold” means “marigold.”

No one could say that for a girl, a name referring to one of the most beautiful and special flowers would not be more than fitting: the orchid.

A simple and delicate name, just like the petals of a flower. In addition, its sound is very pleasant.

If you want a less common name for your little girl that also has a playful touch, opt for “Poppy.” In English, it means “poppies.”

A name that dates back centuries and has survived precisely because it refers to one of the most beautiful and popular flowers in the world: the rose.

About this name, which refers to one of the most commonly used aromatic plants (rosemary), it can be said that it is derived from the Latin language. Thus, “ros” means “dew,” and “marinus” means “the one who belongs to the sea.”

When we talk about special girl names, we can’t help but bring this one up.
“Senna” refers to the plant called “senna,”  which delights with its bright blue color.

This name has different origins. For example, in Arabic, it means “shine.” But the meaning of “flower” comes from the Hebrew language, where it means “graceful lily.”

This name is as lovely as the plant to which it refers: verbena.
Surely the name is special, and there are not many little girls who bear it.

We’ve been captivated by the name’s sonority since we first heard it.”Violet” has been popular for a very long time and is especially widespread in Anglo-Saxon countries. Its meaning refers to a flower (violet), but we can simply relate it to the color purple.

Boy name ideas inspired by flower names

It will surely not occur to you that this well-known boy’s name actually derives from “flower.”
Experts say that the name “Antonio” has ancient origins, being related to the Greek name “anthos.”  What does “flower” even mean?


Like the previous name, this one is of Greek origin and reminds me of multi-colored, star-shaped flowers.

A boy’s name that immediately brings to mind the aromatic basil, which is quite common, especially in the Anglo-Saxon world.

The name “Bud” is actually an Irish nickname, but it also refers to “a flower bud.” It will be a more than suitable name if you want a nice name for your little boy, inspired by the wonderful flower buds!

Since the first time we heard this name, its sonority has connoted resistance and vivacity.
And so it is, since “elm” actually means “elm” in English.

It is a name that cannot go unnoticed and has a melodious sound. Its origin is Italian, meaning

And this name, with French origins, directly refers to the idea of a flower. Thus, its meaning is “one who flourishes.”

A delightful boys’ name that immediately makes us think of the scent of the honeysuckle flower.
The name is especially popular in the Anglo-Saxon world.

This name has Hebrew origins; in this language, it means the name of a very beloved flower: “rose.”
And this name is used mainly in Anglo-Saxon countries.

This name is also very special, and you can also use it for a girl. It won’t be difficult to figure out that it translates to  a flower that has always captivated us.

is a unique and little-known boy’s name.Its meaning even refers to “myrtle,” a tree with fragrant leaves and white flowers.

Although short, this name is very special. Its origins are Japanese, and it refers to one of the most beautiful flowers: the lotus.

A name like this is also special because, on the one hand, it refers to an aromatic plant with special virtues (sage) and, on the other hand, in English-speaking countries, it refers to a “wise person.”

If you want an original boy’s name, choose this one with confidence. Its origins are Irish, and it even refers to the symbol of this country: the white clover.

This name is also not to be neglected when we want to opt for a more unusual one.
In English, “thyme” means “thyme.”

Until it came to this form, this name was actually “Shatrevar.” In Persia, its meaning is “flower.”
Gradually, the name was taken over by the British and transformed into its current form. In recent decades, this name has also become widely used in the USA.

A name like this cannot go unnoticed.
It refers to a species of shrub from the “acacia” family that is widely distributed in hot and dry regions, from the edge of tropical forests in Australia or South Africa.

For a boy, you can also choose this name, which refers to a plant with healing virtues and delicate flowers: the mouse’s tail.

Can you give other examples of children’s names inspired by the names of flowers?

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