Baby Girl With A Luxurious Mop Of Hair Touches Social Media Users

This baby surprised her parents by being born with thick hair. Her curls eventually became even more magnificent and longer. Now the red-haired baby is a year and a month old, and social media users do not stop admiring her luxurious hair. Many people compare Evie to the iconic musician David Bowie. See what Goldilocks looks like further in our material.

Evie Timmers-Davies was born with a big hairdo.

Her luxurious firry hair is compared with the red mop of rock musician David Bowie.

The baby’s parents, Laura and Jamie, have no idea from whom their daughter inherited such amazing curls.

People often think that Evie is older than she is because of her long hair. Strangers stop on the street to compliment the little girl.

Now Evie is a year and a month old. Laura says she was able to tie her daughter’s ponytail as early as 4 months old.

During pregnancy, the woman suffered from indigestion. She jokes that a folk omen could work: Serving heartburn means that the baby will be born with long hair.

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